Processing 2021

What was 2021 like for you? Do you remember how it started? It took a long long time before we could relaunch the aerial yoga classes of 2021. It was not an easy six months, with a lot of administration, but I enjoyed every class and am grateful to you for joining me in rediscovering the benefits of aerial yoga.

Looking ahead to 2022, I quote Flair art director Line in Flair magazine: "Rocking gently in my hammock, I came to the realization that I had just experienced an hour of pure me-time, something I have been taking far too little of lately and needing more than I realized.

Let that be a nice resolution for 2022, treat yourself to plenty of me-time. If the omicron variant doesn't intervene, classes will start again on Wednesday January 5.

Yoga Girl podcast

Before you set your intentions for 2022 take time to process this past year. What is it from 2021 you want to leave behind? You can party, dance, journal... to process this year. Or you can listen to Yoga Girl's podcast and "move forward with clarity, ease and understanding" into 2022.

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