Yoga at home

Stay at home! Be creative! Stay active! Invert

I miss our weekly flying classes and I bet you do too. You may or may not have a hammock at home but still try to find ways to invert: downward facing dog, dolphin pose, legs up the wall... Why? Because inversions boost your immunity!


I offer online hatha classes in Dutch:

- I put a video on youtube in 2 parts. You can watch it here.

- I offer live classes on facebook on Monday and Wednesday morning at 10AM. You can also watch the video at a later time. You can join us here: 'At The Park Yogi's (Savasanas)'.


Stay healthy. Stay at home. Keep moving.

Hopefully we'll be able to fly again soon.


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Heidi Wittevrongel IBAN BE86 9730 3610 5050 // BIC ARSPBE22

All Aerial yoga classes and workshops are cancelled until 3 April

in accordance with corona guidelines. Advances will be refunded.
No hatha classes at Sterckshof or At The Park.
Stay calm, breath and practice yoga at home 🧘‍♀️ 💞

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