Read about the benefits, contraindications and dress code for Aerial Yoga. Below you find more information about our weekly classes and monthly workshops.


Aerial Yoga may not be a good idea for you in case of

pregnancy (only restorative aerial yoga)

glaucoma or other eye diseases

heart problems

extreme high or low blood pressure

recent operations

recent stroke





less than 6 hours after a botox treatment


you practice traditional yoga poses (asanas) with the aid of a hammock

you experience a unique sense of weightlessness, freedom and

length throughout your body

you let go of tension because of the

massage of the fabric
you enjoy inversions

without compression on the spine
you increase mobility in muscles and joints, build up strength and improve your posture

and it makes you happy


wear a T-shirt

with long or short sleeves, no tank top

please don't wear jewelry

no need to wear make-up

tip:  wear tight fitting clothes that stay in place
even when you are upside down

Parking: There's not a lot of parking space close to Van Trier. You can park  at
a 10 minutes walking distance at the Singel near the Pidpa, Desguinlei 246, 2018 Antwerp


EVERY MONDAY 6.30 and 8 PM

No class on 11/11, special Aerial Restore & Recharge class on 2/12

Join the Aerial Yoga class at Zaal Van Trier in Antwerp (address Van Trierstraat 40 in 2018 Antwerp). There are two classes on Monday night: one at 18.30 until 19.45 and a second one at 20.00 until 21.15. On Wednesday there's one class at 8.15PM.

The class is one hour and 15 minutes. Please come a little early so we can adjust the height of your hammock.


Available for all levels, no experience necessary.

Let me know if the class needs to be in English.


STRIP CARD: 5 classes €80, 10 classes €150. The strip card is valid for 8 months. You can pay for the strip card by debit or credit card.


Child + Parent Aerial Yoga


Class is an hour - price €20/duo - A minimum of 3 duos

Class only available in Dutch. A playful and active moment together with your child. The child as well as the adult will create poses in the hammock like monkey, flying cobra, butterfly... Sometimes you will do a pose together in one hammock and you might also fly towards each other. Loads of fun!
Age 6 to 12.

Kids Aerial Yoga

SUNDAY 1 DECEMBER 2 PM - A minimum of 6 participants

Class is an hour - price €15

Class only available in Dutch. Exciting, fun and educational, that's kids aerial yoga. We climb into the hammock to create yoga poses such as the tree pose, monkey, flying cobra, butterfly... In this way we cultivate trust in ourselves and in the fabric. We work on fine motor skills but also learn to relax. Ages 8 - 14.

Aerial Sunday


Class is an hour and a half - price €20 - A minimum of 6 participants

It's like a weekly aerial yoga class, we just take a little more time and try something different. These Aerial Sundays are open to first timers and more experienced aerial yogis.

Aerial Restore & Recharge


Class is an hour and 15 minutes - price €17 - A minimum of 5 participants

The yin version of Aerial Yoga: with the hammock just above the ground, we want to restore the body, let go of tension, build strength and flexibility at a deeper level.

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