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Heidi Wittevrongel

Yoga Instructor

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Aerial Yoga


 Experience the traditional yoga postures in a unique way using the hammock. 

Enjoy a sense of weightlessness, freedom, space and length throughout your body.

Aerial yoga might seem like an intimidating exercise at first but it can be

incredibly rewarding and exciting.

Aerial Yoga

@VanTrier in Antwerp

weekly classes

Monday 20.00
Wednesday 20.15

Private class

1 on 1 or small group
private aerial class

on Monday at 6PM



“Zacht wiegend in mijn hangmat kwam ik tot het besef dat ik zonet een uur lang pure me-time had beleefd.”​


—  Flair artdirector Line


1, 2, 5 or more aerial classes

for a friend or family member




My first passion was dance. In the eighties I started dancing to music by Michael Jackson and Prince and watched movies like Flashdance and Footloose over and over again.

After a fantastic summer dance workshop in Albuquerque, New Mexico I took the plunge and moved to the US to study dance. During my BFA in Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico I took classes in modern dance, flamenco and African dance. I especially enjoyed the many opportunities to perform.

Back in Belgium I took a steady job at the magazine Humo but continued dancing, teaching and choreographing, mainly at Dance Studio Kriskin in Turnhout.

In 2014 – doing a simple turn - I tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscus of my right knee in dance class. During the recovery from two knee surgeries I discovered a new passion: yoga.

In order to immerse myself in the world of yoga I enrolled in the life changing yoga teacher training organized by Manoj and Sanjeev Bhanot of Yogalife. Since then I have been spreading yoga love in

hatha, vinyasa and aerial yoga classes.


May 2015 in New York I took my very first Aerial Yoga class at Sacred Sounds in Greenwich Village and absolutely loved it. For me it links dance and yoga: it gives me the flow, freedom and joy of dance and the union of body, breath and mind of yoga.

I kept searching online for Aerial Yoga classes in Antwerp but since no one was teaching it here I decided to start Aerial Yoga classes myself. I found the right teacher and training with Boban Krstic from
HOM Yoga Breda.

 As of January 21 2018 Antwerp Aerial is flying at Zaal Van Trier.

Antwerp Aerial featured in the first season of Dancing With The Stars, in the late-night talk show 'Gert Late Night' and in the trailer of F*** You Very, Very Much.

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Heidi Wittevrongel

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